Fresh Eggs From Happy Chickens

Eggs with a Story: Raised with Love and Care


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Fresh Eggs From

Happy Chickens

Eggs with a Story: Raised with Love and Care

“ Happy chickens, fresh eggs and sustainable farming - that's what we're all about. ”

Steve & Shevaun Pavlides

Free Range: The Happy Alternative

At our egg farm, we are proud to offer free-range eggs to our customers. Our chickens are allowed to roam freely on the farm, basking in the sun, scratching in the dirt, and engaging in natural behaviours that they would otherwise not be able to do in a caged environment.

Sustainability at Golden Free Range

At our farm, we're all about being sustainable and doing our part to take care of the environment. One of the ways we do this is by using clean solar energy to power the entire farm. We're very proud to be leaders in sustainable agriculture, and we're always looking for ways to do even more. So, when you choose our farm, you can feel good knowing that you're supporting a more sustainable future.

Our Happy Customers are Saying

Our Happy Customers

are Saying

What our Customers Say!

Samantha Burton

For the quality of the eggs alone I give these guys five stars. For their stand-out service, I wish I could give them another five. They are incredibly passionate about what they do and go above and beyond to ensure you are always using the best of the best.

Shannon Edwards

I have used Golden free range for over 13 years at multiple businesses. They supply a fantastic product and are also a great company to deal with. Friendly, polite and prompt service. Highly recommend!

Terry Memory

We have purchased eggs, chickens, chicken food and manure from these guys and will never go anywhere else. Passionate, committed knowledgable people with the best products we have ever had/ used. Highly recommended.

Our Awesome Eggs

We sell from our farm gate and deliver to our hospitality and retail customers. Our eggs are known for their poaching quality and unique flavour and freshness. They come in many sizes:





The Friendliest Hens

We hand-raise our day old chicks that grown into friendly, strong and healthy laying hens that enjoy the freedom of scratching for insects, running and flying about our native pasture and trees.

Our hens are Lohmann Brown and are the German cousin of the Highline Brown. They are known for their wonderful temperament, producing eggs with strong shells and have excellent feed conversion, which is great for the environment.

The Freshest Feed

At our farm, we produce fresh mash for our chicks and hens from the highest quality ingredients sourced locally. We use herbs and spices to increase their natural immunity and cold pressed (no chemicals involved) canola meal from Non GM seed.

We do not add any chemicals into our beautiful golden yolks as our hens are fed paprika, capsicum and marigold flowers as well as foraging through the ranges.

Famous Gold Dust

100% natural free range chicken manure perfectly blended with a hint of Tasmanian oak and aged for over a year. Nourishes and boosts the growth of your plants and creates lush green lawns. Just sprinkle and water in.

Typical analysis of major elements:

Total Nitrogen 2.7%

Total Phosphorous 2.5%

Total Potassium 2.7%

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